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I Support Ridgeline Equestrian Estates


Ridgeline Equestrian Estates is proposed for development on the old Ridgeline Golf Course site. The site was purchased by JMI in 2006 following a strong decline in the use of the golf course which made continued operation of the course economically infeasible.

We commissioned an analysis of the potential to continue operations of an executive nine-hole course on this site. That analysis, which examined similar courses throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties, concluded that such a course at this location could no longer be competitive in the regional marketplace. Key among the reports findings were:

  • The Ridgeline Golf Course was not subsidized, therefore the course was not financially viable when usage declined almost 50 percent from historical peaks;
  • The course was not centrally located nor connected to a major amenity such as a hotel or resort; and
  • Course rehabilitation and upgrades were cost prohibitive and unfeasible given site constraints.

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